Commercial Property

When you’re running a business, you want things to go smoothly, avoid problems before they happen and feel confident when you sign on the dotted line. Despite the best of intentions, when entering an agreement to lease, buy or sell a property or business, you have to be careful that your rights are protected, no matter what happens.

It is extremely important that every agreement is made in writing. Navigating and recognizing the legal and contractual obligations of all involved can be a difficult and complex process. You do not want anything to be lost in the fine print.

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Our commercial team encompassing Rohail Azhar and Kurt Richardson can assist with:

  • The sale and purchase of commercial property, retail, office buildings, shopping centres and hotels
  • Acquisition and disposal of industrial property including developed industrial property and greenfield sites
  • Leasing for both landlords and tenants of commercial, retail, industrial and hotel premises
  • Mixed use developments that include resorts, golf courses, marinas and residential subdivisions
  • Titling, titling corrections and local law issues
  • Easements (including volume metric easements), licenses, compulsory acquisitions and encroachments
  • Conducting due diligence enquiries including review of leases, service contracts, statutory searches and title encumbrances
  • Liquor, gaming and business regulatory advice
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