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Our experienced and innovative lawyers do not shy away from a challenge. We have advise local, national and international clients through various legal matters. we provide a unique service to our client because our team has come from a wide array of business and vocational sectors. each matter is handle with a multi-disciplinary mindset.

Our lawyers understand that often solutions involving other disciplines such as engineers, project managers and business specialist with a more consultative (rather than adversarial) perspective can often result in better and more cost effective outcomes for our clients. However, when we need to fight, we fight strategically and tirelessly. We adopt the old adage "carry a big stick and tread lightly".

Check out our areas of expertise and call us with your legal questions today.



Our team is highly experiences in a wide range of commercial and corporate matters and subject areas. We work with you to develop strategies that best address your expectations.

We have worked with a variety of industry sectors including government and private sector clients.  We endeavor to develop a deep understanding of your operating and commercial environment and then develop pragmatic strategies to address your situation. We have catered to a large customer base from across the globe.

We adopt cutting edge technology and commercial thinking in developing solutions for you.

Our expertise includes:

  • Mergers and acquisitions;

  • Corporate and business structuring;

  • Joint ventures;

  • Trusts;

  • Partnering and shareholder engagement;

  • Government grants and funding;

  • Contracts;

  • Corporate governance;

  • Intellectual property;

  • Leasing;

  • Commercialisation;

  • Supply chain;

  • Procurement;

  • Franchising;

  • Employment and workplace relations

  • Privacy;

  • Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT);

  • E-Commerce;

  • Transnational contracts;

  • Data mining and analysis;

  • Healthcare;

  • Competition and consumer protection law

  • Not-for-profit and charities;

  • Marketing and Tendering; and

  • Probity.


We will assist you with all aspects of the law relating to commercial leasing. The two main tasks we are often asked to perform are drafting and reviewing commercial leases.

There are various types of commercial leases and each of these types will be impacted by a myriad of factors including the type of business, commercial constraints, the location of the property, the prospective tenant, other tenants on the property and in neighbouring properties, and state and local council requirements. We can assist you to determine the best commercial lease to suit your requirements and ensure compliance with the local jurisdictional requirements.

Commercial disputes are not uncommon. Our team is highly experienced in resolving such issues and will work with you to reach a quick outcome.


Our lawyers are experts in conveyancing across the country. We can take care of your conveyancing wherever you are, wherever the property is located or wherever you finalise the deal. We will provide you with practical and carefree service tailored to your requirements.

We can assist you in any type of conveyance, including:

  • Residential established homes;

  • Residential new house and land packages;

  • Residential land only;

  • Crown title;

  • Rural property;

  • Rural residential and commercial property;

  • Off the plan property purchase and sales;

  • Commercial property purchase and sales;

  • Commercial property construction; and

  • Industrial property purchase and sales.

We provide value for money / cost effective services.


The construction industry has been integral to the economic recovery efforts since the global financial crisis (GFC).  Governments and the private sector are committed to ensuring this sector remains vibrant and secure in the near and distant future.

However, the legal landscape impacting on the construction sector is ever changing. Additionally, increased safety and insurance requirements impose greater obligations on developers and can result in greater risks and costs on a construction project particularly when not managed properly.

We adopt a pragmatic approach with all our construction clients. We often find that a consultative, often non-legal, approach to many of the construction disputes and issues tends to yield the best outcomes for our clients and all other parties involved. However, where a legal solution is required we will develop a legal strategy that addresses your concerns in the manner and timeframe that best suits your situation. Once we have developed that strategy, we will fight hard on your behalf.

Our construction experience extends to several industry sectors, including residential, high density, multi-level, commercial, mining, manufacturing, recreational (such as public footpaths), defence, water, and wastewater.

We have had extensive experience in developing innovative teaming arrangements that are designed to nurture the creativity and cohesion between contracting parties. These arrangements have been successfully implemented in various contracting environments and have been attributed as the sole reason why disputing parties have elected to avoid litigious and adversarial proceedings.

We have developed several procurement models that aim to improve gross profit at every stage of the construction process and across construction organisations.

We have assisted clients to develop their business models and process to ensure they adopt lean processes and strategies throughout their organization.

As a full-service construction practice, we assist our clients at every stage of a project from financing to high volume conveyancing through to litigation.


Find Out Why We Are the Right Migration Specialists for You

Our experienced team can bring a whole universe of experience and knowledge to each case. We understand that the world is constantly changing and you may be confronted by a confusing array of regulations, questions, and occasional disputes. Check out our areas of expertise and call us with your migration questions today.



Difficult Case Specialists

There are various categories of visas options that vary depending on individual personal circumstances.

It can become problematic for clients who apply for the wrong visas, or who find that they have inadvertently compromised their visa conditions or requirements for future visas.

Our team specialises in difficult cases, complex applications, and contesting visa rejections.


Permanent Migration to Australia

Our team is highly experienced in assisting clients to gain permanent residence and citizenship in Australia.

There are many options available to candidates wishing to live in Australia on a permanent basis. 

The may include:​​

  • Partner Visas;​

  • Retirement Investor Visas;​

  • Returning Resident Visas;​

  • Permanent Resident Visas; and​

  • Citizenship Applications.


Student Visas and Temporary Work Visas

Recent changes to migration laws have altered the requirements for applying for a student visa. 

Since these changes, irrespective of the particular field of study that a student wishes to pursue, all International Students will be required to apply for student visa subclass 500. 

Students must be able to establish that they are a ‘Genuine Temporary Entrant’. This is an essential criterion that applicants must satisfy to be eligible for the visa subclass 500. To meet this requirement, the student must be able to demonstrate that their financial resources and individual circumstances are such that they have little incentive to stay after completing their studies in Australia. 

Students must further demonstrate that they have sufficient financial resources to undertake their intended course of study in Australia. They must be able to pay for both their course fees and all other costs associated with living in Australia. All applicants must meet certain English language criteria and be able to provide a confirmation of enrolment for their registered course when applying for this visa subclass.  


Work Visas and the Pathway to Permanent Residence

Working in Australia through employer-sponsored visas enables Australian or overseas employers to sponsor overseas workers where their labour requirements cannot be met by the local labour force. 

These visas may be offered to overseas workers on a temporary or permanent basis, and the potential applicant will have to meet the specific criteria as required by the particular visa subclass for which they are applying. 

The Sponsoring Employers themselves must comply with certain sponsorship obligations. This includes the requirement that the sponsored employee be paid at least a certain minimum threshold. Different conditions and entitlements for workers are attached to different subclasses of Employer Sponsored Visa.


Tourist and Temporary Work Visas

Tourist visas are available to applicants wishing to visit Australia for varying periods of up to 12 months.

Certain Applicants for this visa subclass may have the option of applying for it online. 

It is also possible to undertake studies in Australia for a maximum period of 3 months on this visa.

Some visas enable applicants the option to either apply onshore or offshore. 


Investor and Entrepreneur Visas

This is a temporary visa for self-funded retirees who have no dependents and want to live in Australia during their retirement years.

Candidates must meet the State and DIBP requirements to be eligible for the State nomination and must demonstrate that they:

  • Have assets legally owned and lawfully acquired available for transfer to Australia valued at least A$750 000 (or A$500,000 for people who intend to reside in Regional NSW);

  • An investment of A$750,000 (or A$500,000 for people who intend to reside in Regional NSW) in Waratah bonds with the NSW Treasury Corporation for four years;

  • Are 55 years or older;

  • Have no dependents;

  • Whose presence in Australia will be without cost to Australia’s social and welfare services and who are sponsored by a State/Territory government; and

  • Meet income requirements of a minimum net income of A$65 000 per year or if you intend to live in regional Australia, a minimum net income of A$50 000 per year.


Refugee and Asylum Seeker Visas

If you are seeking protection in Australia, the type of visa that you can apply for will depend on your location and how you entered Australia.

From within Australia the following option may apply to you:

  • If you are in Australia and arrived lawfully - Permanent Protection Visas may be available to you.

  • If you are in Australia and arrived unlawfully you may be able to apply for a Temporary Protection Visa.

  • Depending on your circumstance you may be able to apply for a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV).

From outside Australia the following option may apply to you:

  • Refugee Visa.

  • In-Country Special Humanitarian Visa.

  • Global Special Humanitarian Programme Visa.

  • Emergency Rescue Visa.

  • Woman at Risk Visa.

The options are not limited to the above and each case is determined based on the individual circumstances.